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When Tim Keller planted Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City in 1989,

Looks interesting - and also has one of the coolest holding pages you will see. Stunning desktop pictures Smashing Magazine have a gallery of fantastic desktop pictures - excellent if you are looking for a little inspiration, or just want a desktop change.

Bay City Magazine - Nov/Dec Issue

Winning content Usable content is all very well - but you need content which actually meets business goals, for example selling products Firefox 3 beta 3 released The Firefox team are stepping up to the plate in the browser race with this release, featuring the Gecko 1. Better compression The YUI team have a great post up about giving their excellent YUI compressor a helping hand to reduce your code footprint even further. Where the heck is my focus? Given how much we rely on the mouse for web navigation, many web-sites do an appallingly bad job of drawing the attention of a user to where they are and where they should be heading.

Cross-domain and cross-window messaging here we come. Use some common sense and general good manners when coding!


The perfect online portfolio Looking for clients or a new job - it is certainly worth your time getting your portfolio up to scratch. Here is an excellent article on how to do just that. Step forward in holography The BBC are reporting about a group from the University of Tucson, AZ, who have developed a technique to record holographic images in minutes. Safari 3. Business card inspiration Business cards can count for a lot, particularly in a first contact situation - some very nice designs here. What does the client feel they are getting from you? Word processing done the Flash way Buzzword is a slick new beta of course word processor from Adobe.

They could have broken a few more of the desktop UI constraints and the loading times are nothing short of appalling - but still very cool. Education is leaving designers behind Not just designers, but all arts subjects are suffering. Education is not, and must not, simply be about being able to repeat a few facts. When Grand Central stood still Fantastic! This video is the work of prue genius. Be glad that you were not one lone unfrozen person in the station If you change your mind, the email notification will provide an option for returning to the printed version.

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Submission Guidelines Articles, contributions to the meeting calendar, and suggestions are welcomed. Mar - Apr, iBook 25th Anniversary Issue.

Performance Mini Magazine

Jan - Feb, Mar - Apr, In this issue, NFPA Journal looks at the problem of school science lab demonstrations gone wrong, and how new requirements in NFPA 45, Fire Protection for Laboratories Using Chemicals, are designed to minimize the threat of burns and other injuries in these settings. Plus: An update on the school security vs. In this issue, NFPA Journal explores the world of drones, robots, and all manner of unmanned systems, and how the emerging technology can benefit first responders, emergency managers, and more.

In this issue, NFPA Journal explores the concept of resiliency and how it is reshaping the way governments, businesses and communities think about emergency management and preparedness.

PLUS: A look at how new gas and oil extraction methods could cause big problems for rural fire departments untrained to deal with the potential hazards. In this issue, NFPA Journal explores the idea of smart firefighting and how New York City is harnessing big data to predict where a fire might strike next. PLUS: Meet a few of the passionate advocates who are working to make residential sprinkler requirements the law of the land.

In this issue, NFPA Journal explores the mixed history of fire escapes, which double as safety features and deadly hazards. PLUS: St.

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  • In this issue we take a look at a new study on the importance of fire sprinklers in industrial occupancies, and the updates to NFPA 32, Dry Cleaning Plants. Our cover story examines the aftermath of a massive explosion at a Texas fertilizer facility. This health care-themed issue includes features on barrier separations in hospitals and other health care occupancies, and on a new book detailing the impact of Hurricane Katrina on a New Orleans hospital. Our cover story examines the usefulness—and the potential pitfalls—of social media during large-scale emergencies.

    The issue also includes excerpted versions of the firefighter injury and large-loss fires reports, as well as a timely commentary on the U. In addition to furniture flammability, we look at the role of the fire service in integrated responses to mass-casualty shootings.

    The Earth Observer | NASA's Earth Observing System

    Plus, an interview on corrosion in dry-pipe sprinkler systems in cultural resource occupancies. In addition to our cover story on MNS at Circuit of the Americas, we take a close look at the creation of a new guide for event safety. Plus, an update from the annual meeting in Chicago.

    Call '. Cocoanut Grove Coalition forms on the 70th anniversary of the imfamous club fire; an update of the fire and life safety risks associated with green buildings; and the Large-Loss Fires and Firefighter Injuries. Fire and life safety upgrades at Boston's Fenway Park; Integrating safety and historic preservation on the Statue of Libery; Emergency preparation at live events; firefighter fatalities.

    Hazard analysis: lithium-ion batteries and fire safety; detection in high-challenge warehouses; A conversation with U. Fire Administrator Ernest Mitchell, Jr. Fire dangers associated with "hoarding"; Preventing operating room fires; NFPA , Heliports; Common design, maintenance, and operational deficiencies of health care occupancies in the Life Safety Code.